Over the last ten years my interest in renewable energy and sustainability has been growing.  This interest led to an MSc in Renewable Energy Development, which was one of the best things I’ve done.  However, a recurring theme while researching stories within these fields, both out of interest and for academic purposes, was the proliferation of “bad news” stories; stories implying that our efforts are all in vain.  I decided, therefore, to try and spread some positive news about climate change and sustainability, and this blog is the result.

It isn’t always easy finding good news stories in this field.  I often find myself becoming critical of others’ efforts – why aren’t they more successful or significant?  Why can’t they stick to their plans and meet their objectives?  So I have to remind myself, and I hope you will too, that it is easy to criticise, but far harder to try and make something positive happen.  Sometimes you need to focus on what you are achieving, rather than what you’re not.  Otherwise you risk succumbing to the cynical lethargy that has already overcome so many of us…

As I’m trying to focus on the positives, you won’t always get the big picture in my articles.  For every success in the fight against climate change there are usually several failures, but you will have to read about them elsewhere.  I hope that after reading my blog you will be inspired by the incredible leadership shown by others, often people far less fortunate than those of us living in the developed world, and their efforts to do something positive for our planet’s sustainability.  Please get in touch with any comments (peterjph@gmail.com).

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  1. Gerry Noel

    Pete, things in SA are looking good… I’m busy doing my MPhil is Sustainable Development and just did a case study on a bloke who farms fly larvae to help curb unsustainable fish farming practices. Calls himself a Eco entrepreneur, and even though ecological modernization comes with it’s flaws… It’s still a step in the right type of cognition.

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